Established by Michael Curry in 2009, Autoperfection offer a whole host of cost effective SMART Repair options for your own or leased vehicle.

Smart Repairs

Small to Medium Repairs

We use small to medium area repair techniques where necessary in order to prevent excess costs, save time, maintain originality and help look after the environment.

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Wheel Refurbishment

Give your wheels a new lease of life

Kerbed or corroded alloy wheels look unsightly, but our specialist repair techniques will make them as new again.

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Windscreen Repairs

Save replacing the Windscreen

Using ESPRIT glass repair resins, we can repair star breaks and bullseyes to a near invisible repair resulting in an MOT recognised result.

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Lease Repairs

Cost Effective SMART repair for Lease Vehicle Damage

As smart repair professionals we are ideally placed to offer a wide range of cosmetic repair services to return your leased vehicle to an acceptable standard ready for inspection.

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Restore your Paintwork to Showroom Condition

we guarantee a transformation from start to finish, locking in that shine with a variety of polymer and ceramic sealants to suit your budget.

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Interior Repairs

Renew leather, upholstry or interior plastics.

Scuffing to side bolsters on leather seats, cigarette burns to upholstery and holes in dashboards/ interior plastics caused by phone kits etc can all have an effect on the vehicles potential resale values. Damage such as this can be removed/ improved to minimise the impact on the vehicles appearance.

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What our Customers have to say ...

Autoperfection, I have just had a bodywork repair on my Astra and it looks awesome. Great work, service and high quality finish Michael. Thanks again. Please visit Michael for any repairs

Claire BonesGoogle Review

Following wreckless damage by young individuals to my Astra Excite, Michael’s customer service and compassion was excellent! The paintwork is faultless and my car feels brand new again. Highly recommended!!

Broghan WakeGoogle Review

I've visited Autoperfection twice with my current car and both jobs have been above and beyond what I expected. There are few people as picky about detail and workmanship as me (that I have met, anyway!) and my standards were exceeded on both occasions. I couldn't recommend more highly. Cheers!

Shaun AbbottGoogle Review

Great service and standard as ever, Michael refurbed my alloys on a lease car that were quite badly damaged, upon collection inspection the guy didn't even notice and the workmanship saved me a financial penalty which i am sure would have been at least twice as much as the cost to refurb the wheels! Cheers Michael!

Anthony BellFacebook Review

I took my Hyundai to Michael after ripping the plastic bumper almost in two. I expected to have to pay for a very expensive replacement part but he suggested bonding and painting it would be more economical. I just picked it up and cannot believe the perfect, invisible repair! He is amazing! He is also a very nice and cheerful person. Thank you Michael

Annie HoldsworthFacebook Review

What we achieve

Below is a small selection of some of our work. Slide the bar from left to right to see the before and after photos.

Smart Repairs Smart Repairs
Damaged Bumper Repaired Bumper
Damaged Alloy Repaired Alloy

Whether it be a scuffed bumper, a kerbed wheel or dent, Autoperfection can offer a high quality, fast, cost effective solution.

As car lovers and enthusiasts, we are well placed to be able to offer a quality detailing service which has proved popular with many classic and prestige owners.


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